Shuck it!

I was recently reminded of the usefulness of the oyster shucker as archival implement. Yes, that’s right, the humble oyster shucker.


It’s not something I ever envisioned using in the archives. It’s not something I took courses on in library school. It was never mentioned during my internships. But it is a tool I feel we all need to be a bit more educated about. Is has a multitude of uses, and it’s just kind of fun to say.

It expertly assists with:



and shucking oysters – of course
(though perhaps don’t use the same one you use in the archives)Oyster shuckers at Apalachicola, Fla. This work is carried on by many young boys during the busy seasons. This is a... - NARA - 523162

So, here’s to the wonderful and versatile oyster shucker! And thanks to the National Park Service in Anchorage for bringing this shucker into my life.

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